Everyone has a story to tell. At Uptone Pictures, it is our passion to use imagination and creativity to bring dreams, concepts, and ideas to the screen. We are an innovative and dynamic, award-winning production company.  We develop and produce content for a variety of media platforms.  These platforms include: feature films, TV shows, and TV commercials.

Our Services

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Feature Film Production

We have produced over 5 full-length feature films. We handle it all from script to screen. At Uptone we convert your story or creative concept into a long format video program. Our process starts by reviewing your desired goals, theme, and objectives. This helps us determine key production options. Next, we create a production plan with you that covers the shots (storyboard), budgeting, and scheduling. Throughout the production process, we share progress and video screenings. This allows you to see your vision progress and the opportunity to adapt the changes you want. We can provide complete film production services or work with other companies as part of a co-production team.

 Television Commercials

Uptone Pictures TV commercial production services can help you with some or all of your advertising development and distribution steps. Our television commercial services include: creative development, casting, and scriptwriting.  This creative development includes: filming, editing, graphics, visual effects, voice-over, music.  Once finished, we can help you with media purchasing, and broadcast distribution.

Producing a successful TV Commercial requires more than equipment, facilities, and staff. You need experience and skill to convert your vision and business needs into a highly influential video experience.

Video Production Services

We are a full-service studio that specializes in video production.

Our goal is to help you in your business by offering cost effective, yet professional videos for your marketing needs. We can handle anything from a simple 30 second television commercial or social media video to a 30-minute television show, training video, or infomercial.

We have multiple camera packages including: Red Camera package, 4K Camera package, HD Cameras, 360 or Drone Camera Package. Our sound stages are equipped with Livestream capabilities. We also offer DIT services, post production editing including, closed captioning, production graphics, and color correction.

Studio Rental

Our sound stages and Syc Wall (Green screen/Infinity wall) are available for Daily Rental. You have the ability to rent the stages with or without our equipment and crew.


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