UnionBound_HiResUNION BOUND – Historical Drama /Adventure

Description: Based on the diaries of Union Soldier Joseph E. Hoover. from 1864
Plot Outline: The film follows the adventures of Sergeant Joseph Hoover and his friend Tom who escape a prisoner of war camp in Florence South Carolina and with the aid of slaves make it back to Union lines.
Starring: Sean Stone, Randy Wayne, Tank Jones, Christian Fortune, Trish Cook, Isaac Singleton and Sherry Morris.   Directed by: Harvey Lowry
Produced by: Michael Davis

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-thud_0001_cartaz_blueberry_final_01_om flatado menorDescription: Based on the Book “Three Lives one Destiny” by R.R. Soares

Plot Outline: The film follows three different people as they journey through the challenges that life throws at them. In the end they learn about forgiveness, redemption and faith.
Starring: Daniel Zacapa, Zoe Myers, Daniel Samonas, Traci Dinwiddie , Rusty Martin, Tonya Bludsworth, Dave Blamey, Johanna Jowett, and
Directed by: Rob Treveiler
Produced by: Michael Davis

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A LONLongWayOff_Poster2G WAY OFF  – Drama

Description: This film is the modern day story of the Prodigal Son a rebel without a cause.

Starring: Robert Davi, John Diehl, Jason Burkey, Edie Mc Clurg, Johanna Jowett, Dave Blamy and Zoe Myers

Directed by: John Errington and Michael Davis             Produced by: Michael Davis

Edited by Blake Godfrey

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DPMB_Poster (DVD)_0DON’T PASS ME BY  – Drama

Description: It is a look a the life of various people who make decisions that will affect their lives for ever. Life is full of choices. The choices you make today will determine your future tomorrow. So Don’t let life pass you by…
Starring: Keith David, C Thomas Howell, Jake Busey, Jeremy London, Sean Stone, Liz Wicker
Directed by: Eric Priestly
Written by: Rachel Noll, Katy Burton
Produced by: Katy Burton , Rachel Noll, Michael Davis, Mark Rickard, Andreas Wilcken Jr. and Todd Fortune

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BOX CUTTER Key Art smallBOX CUTTER (aka  A BOX FOR ROB)   – Thriller

Description: Based on the short film by Billy Orlando
Plot Outline: Rob Spencer is moving up in the world, he has a good job, he moved into an old home he hopes to fix up and he bought a ring with the hopes to marry his longtime girlfriend Amy. On the same day he moves into his new house a murder happens in town which brings Rob’s dark past back to life and soon all fingers point to Rob.  Starring: Mark Scarboro, Brett Gentile, Rob Trevelier, IronE Singleton, Johanna Jowett,  Fred Griffith, and Amber C. Irvin.

Directed by: Renzo Vasquez
Produced by: Michael Davis

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