TV Broadcast Distribution

Uptone Pictures Local TV broadcast distribution services can help you to get your movies and shows on TV channels in many cities. Local TV broadcasters are eager to get new programs because the analog to digital conversion created 5+ new digital TV channels for them to fill. Each TV channel can reach hundreds of thousands of homes.  It is possible to get your programs onto tens or even hundreds of TV channels nationwide enabling you to reach millions of homes! While the budgets of local TV broadcasters may not allow them to pay much for your programming, you can get sponsors and sell the advertising time in your programs.

Uptone can contact local TV broadcasters for you, get commitments to carry your programs on their network, and providing your media in formats that the stations can handle.

We will also handle the media and regulatory requirements such as closed captioning, which can vary for each broadcaster.

Some television broadcasters will provide 30-minute segments at little or no cost and include ad insertions on other channels informing viewers about your shows. If your show becomes popular, you may be able to earn distribution fees for your programs.

Contact us today to discuss your television broadcast distribution options.

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