Michael B. Davis (President)

 Michael Davis started Uptone Pictures a dynamic
full service production and post Production Company,
with the vision to assist producers in developing,
producing and distributing the highest quality product
possible. Uptone has produced and released a number
of feature films including: BOX CUTTER, A LONG WAY OFF,
 However, Uptone produces more than just feature films. 
In 2015, Uptone Pictures set up shop in its present studio
complex allowing for a variety of new menu options including
sound stages, green screen and a creative environment. 
Uptone currently produces several Television Shows on
a weekly basis out of the new complex as well as providing
support services like full editorial, close captioning and 
other post production services.
Michael is a native of São Paulo Brazil and speaks 3
languages fluently. His leadership, creative insight,
visionary abilities, and international network of strategic
partners form the foundation of his success in the
entertainment industry.

Jack Eagen (Senior Editor)

Jack Eagen is a Story Teller, by any media necessary. Jack attended North Carolina School on the Arts where he was able to dive into the world of editing. After more than fifteen years of editing film and video he has become very accustomed to cross work flows involving Avid, Final Cut, Premiere among others.
He received a Bachelors in Print Media and minored in Film at Western Carolina University. After graduation he moved to Asheville, NC to start Down Poor Pictures. The company produced several intricate shorts and handled freelance special effects. In 2009 produced Jack’s first feature film “Ringside Rosary”, which he wrote and directed. He then teamed up with his business partner, Sam Spragins in 2010 to produce his second feature film in 2011, an adaptation of Jack’s novel “Corners”.
Jack he directed and produced music videos, commercials, and psa’s. He was also honored to be incorporated into the safety crew for the live stunt show performed at Action Fest for two years in a row with ACTION P.A.C.. Having worked closely with stunt and special effect teams has been an intricate part of Jack’s continuing success as a producer and popularity with his crews as a Director.  Jack Joined Uptone In 2014 as the senior editor and has been involved in editing several feature filmes, shorts, and a variety of other content. He also manages the Uptone editorial team.

Cameron Noel (Editor)

Born and raised in Raleigh North Carolina, Cameron graduated from East Carolina University. Where she studied Communication, and Media Production. After graduating she spent some time working on several projects with different styles of production and learning various facets and jobs on a film set. While she enjoys all sides of production,she quickly realized that she wanted to be an editor. Cameron joined the Uptone Team to bring solid editing skills and help run the shop. When she is not working at Uptone, She devotes her time to one of her passions, photography.  She also has a passion for people and helping others by donating her time  to nonprofits by going on mission trips to take photos. She loves to be creative and use her passions to tell stories!

Byron Jones  (Consulting Producer)

Byron started his career as Cloud Ten’s VP of Entertainment, bringing movies such as Left Behind to the forefront of the industry (LEFT BEHIND was the #1 selling video in America its first week of release, beating out Toy Story 2 and The Green Mile. , Byron began his career in marketing at Cloud Ten Pictures in 1997, where he headed up the sales and marketing departments during the release of the best-selling Christian films such as Apocalypse, Revelation, Tribulation and Judgment, helping to develop international recognition and demand for quality Christian Movies. Byron maintained this position until January 2002.

With the connections that Byron had made in and throughout the industry and also founded Willowcreek Marketing and Distribution a Christian marketing company which also is the official booking agency for the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (Formerly of World Wrestling Entertainment). Willowcreek is also responsible for the marketing and distribution of such film titles as ;an multi-award winning documentary film,”Cross and Towers” by the Erwin Brothers about the events of 9/11/2001.”Sting” the true story of Steve Border(world Wrestling Championship celebrity).
Beginning in January 2007 Byron Jones became a Founding Managing Partner with Pure Flix Entertainment. Byron along with musician Randy Travis, actor David A.R. White, Michael Scott, and Russell Wolfe formed the production and distribution company, Pure Flix. Pure Flix is known for producing and distributing movies such as The Wager, Hidden Secrets, Sarah’s Choice and many more. Currently as President of CMD distribution and an ongoin Consulting Producer for Uptone Pictures gives him the opportunity to maintain relationships in the distribution side of the industry as well as an active pulse on the marketplace.